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Northern Plastic Supplies and Fabrication offer a same day cut to size and full sheet sales service. We stock the largest range of sheet plastic materials north of Brisbane, with materials regularly shipped to Cairns, Innisfail, Atherton Tablelands, Mt Isa, Townsville and Mackay.



Commonly known as “Perspex”, this product is optically clear, 17 times stronger than glass and half the weight, with good UV and weather resistance. Acrylic is easy to cut, glue    and bend with applications including: signage, retail displays, menu boards, glazing (boat windows canopy windows), museum displays, raffle barrels, picture frames, etc. Acrylic is available in clear, tinted, solid colours plus silver or gold mirror.   Now available in an impact resistant sheet, offering a more scratch resistant   ORDER CUT TO SIZE



Polycarbonate is an optically clear, strong impact resistant material, ideal for safety and security applications such as machine guards, cashier safety screens, windows, correctional centres and used by many city councils as signage protection in public places.   Polycarbonate is available in clear UV, grey tint and opal.   Now available with an abrasion resistant surface.   ORDER CUT TO SIZE



Prismatic Diffusers are used for diffuse the glare from fluorescent lights they have has excellent light transmission and are commonly seen in office buildings, retail areas, schools and supermarkets.   K12 is a 5mm diagonal prism patterned diffuser with excellent light diffusion.   K15 is a 9.5mm square prism shaped diffuser designed to span wider light fittings.   Frosted Acrylic can be used to generate a softer more aesthetically pleasing appearance.   Eggcrate louvre panels are designed to allow strong levels of illumination with maximum reflecting surfaces to concentrate the light transmission between 45 and 60 degrees.   ORDER CUT TO SIZE


HDPE is a food grade self lubricating material with strong chemical resistance, good sliding properties and resistant to water absorption. Available in both sheets and rods in variable thicknesses and diameters, HDPE is ideal for cutting boards, bait boards and tanks.   UHMWPE is light, tough and has excellent chemical, wear resistance and low friction. Developed for conveyor components, wear strips, chain guides, UHMWPE is available in different grades dependant on application. ORDER CUT TO SIZE


(Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC is a strong highly rigid material with excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties. PVC is ideal for chemical storage tanks, laboratory bench tops, tank liners, and electrical insulators.   ORDER CUT TO SIZE


(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)


ABS is a common thermoplastic offering toughness, impact resistance and heat resistance. Used extensively within the automotive industry as trim and bumpers and also the medical and electrical industries.   ORDER CUT TO SIZE

Aluminium Composite

Al Composite

Aluminium composite sheets have a low density Polyethylene core bonded between two thin sheets of Aluminium and are ideal for signage, display and digital printing. Available in a choice of colours this versatile sheet can be folded, cut to shape and painted if required. ORDER CUT TO SIZE