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Plastics for engineering, heavy duty industries and mechanical engineering.
Engineering Plastics, Polyamide , acetal, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PTFE (Teflon), Polyurethane
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Tecamid 6 (PA6)

A good general purpose extruded Polyamide. This material offers an all round combination of wear resistance, mechanical strength and damping properties as well as good sliding characteristics and electrical resistance.


Applications: High load/strength applications such as gears, fittings, bearings, tension & conveyor rollers and wear pads.


Available in both natural & black with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.

Oil Filled Recast L

This oil filled crystalline cast polyamide is specifically designed for applications where low friction coupled with excellent wear resistance is required.


Applications: ideal for applications such as conveyors, heavy duty industries and mechanical engineering where high sliding and wear resistance is required.


Available in yellow with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.

Acetal AH (POM)

Polyacetal is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and impact strength properties as well as high abrasion, thermal and chemical resistance.


Applications: Ideal for precision gears, bearings, electrical engineering insulators and food and medical applications.


Available in both natural & black with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.



High Density Polyethylene (PE100) is a food grade self lubricating material with strong chemical resistance, good sliding properties and resistant to water absorption.


Applications: HDPE is ideal for cutting boards, bait boards and water tanks.


Available in both natural & black with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.


Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (PE1000) is an extremely high wearing and abrasion resistant material.  


Applications: Mechanical wear strips, conveyor components, chain guides and machined components.


Available in both natural & black with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.

Polypropylene PP-DWU & PP-DWST


PP-DWU is a permanent-heat resistant PP, with high chemical and corrosion resistance. Highly resistant to aqueous solutions and chemicals solutions of acids, alkalis and salts.


Applications: Ideal for corrosive storage tanks and environments where water resistance is required.


Available in grey in a range of sheet & rod dimensions.


Designed for the food industry PP-DWST is suited for indoor applications where high rigidity is required at higher temperatures   environments and good chemical resistance.


Applications: Food grade containers, food moulds and bench tops.


Available in natural in a limited range of sheet dimensions.

PTFE (Teflon)

Polytetrafluoroethylene also known as “Teflon” is a thermoplastic polymer suited for high temperature applications up to 260° C. PTFE has one of the lowest friction co-efficients of any material including excellent chemical and electrical resistance.


Applications: Seals, piston rings, valve seats, gaskets and electrical insulators.


Available in white with a range of sheet & rod dimensions.


Polyurethane Elastomers are a multipurpose alternative to steel, rubber and ceramics. They have excellent impact, cut and tear resistance. Are resistant to water, oil and grease, including good load bearing and abrasion resistant properties. Polyurethane is available in a range of hardness (Shore) from 20 up to 80.


Applications: Conveyor rollers, bushes, castor wheels, engine mounts, linings and seals.


Available in a range of sheet, rod and custom moulded products.