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We are a plastic fabrication company supplying custom products to the Mining, Industrial, Boating and Public sector. We can fold, cut to shape, glue, weld & produce precision made, trophies, display cases, boat windows including customised machinery guards, poly tanks on our CNC router.
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Northern Plastic Supplies & Fabrication can manufacture a wide array of plastic products, from Acrylic display cases, sneeze guards, raffle barrels, trophies and menu holders. As well as windows, hatches and equipment shrouds for the boating industry, plus custom welded HDPE tanks and machinery guards for the mining and industrial sectors.

We specialise in the fabrication of Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene & PVC and can advise on the right material for your requirements, whether for the public, commercial or industrial application.

With our fully computerised (CNC) routing facility and fabrication workshop we are able to produce a range of precision made products from your drawings or samples to suit your application. From a one of display case, to a quantity production order, our aim is your complete satisfaction.


We supply a wide range of materials and custom built products to the mining, agricultural and construction industries. Plastic is light weight corrosion and chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, temperature, UV tolerant and versatile in construction design. With over 20 years experience in plastic fabrication our team can recommend the correct material and product design to suit your application.


Some of the products we can fabricate:


  • High Visibility Safety Guards
  • Clear Polycarbonate Machine Guards and Covers
  • Manufacturing Process Components
  • Storage Boxes
  • Battery storage trays and containers
  • Inspection doors and windows
  • Spill Trays
  • Wear Plates & Wear Strips
  • Tanks:
    • Chemical Storage
    • Waste Water
    • Electroplating
    • Water Treatment


Northern Plastic Supplies & Fabrication offers specialised plastic parts & components for the boating industry.

Windows & Hatches

We can replace your old crazed plastic windscreens, centre consoles, windows and hatches with clear / tinted UV resistant Acrylic or Polycarbonate.



 Electronic Equipment Covers

We can also custom build shrouds for navigational equipment for protection against salt water and glare.

Tanks & Storage Boxes

Customised tanks and storage boxes fabricated from marine grade Polyethylene.

Northern Plastic Supplies & Fabrication offers specialised plastic parts & components for the boating industry.

Cutting Boards

Require a new bait board; we can cut to your requirements from our range of textured marine grade Polyethylene.

Transom Boards & Wear Strips

Replacement transom boards and low friction wear strips for boat trailers are available in a range of thicknesses.


Northern Plastics Supplies & Fabrication is a well established supplier to the signage industry. We can supply and fabricate a wide range of especially designed materials to suite your requirements including the Plexiglas® range of signage plastics Satin Ice, Plexiglas® LED; EndLighten, Opal, Side lighting as well as Day and Night.

Plexiglas® Satin Ice

Satin Ice has a smooth matte satin surface and is designed for subdued lighting with a distinctive elegant purpose. Transmitted light is evenly diffused through reflective beads which are embedded within in the material. 


  • Excellent scratch (mar) resistance
  • High light transmission and excellent light diffusion
  • Texture remains consistent after thermoforming

Plexiglas® LED


TruLED is specially designed to for backlighting illuminated signage. This optically translucent material is used to specifically transmit and diffuse LED lighting, creating a strong eye catching external illumination.


Plexiglas®  EndLighten has been created to eliminate the need for large construction light boxes. Designed for the transmission of LED lighting sourced from the edge of the sheet this material optically transmits the light to the surface of the sheet.

Plexiglas®  Night & Day

Plexiglas®  Duel Colour offers strong contrasting signage during the day and night. During the day this material maintains its primary dark colouring. However, once illuminated at night time the colour changes to white or the colour of the light source.


Acrylic is a strong light, weight and hygienic product ideal for use in hospitality industry. We can supply pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, cafe’s, retail outlets including museums, galleries and cultural outlets with custom fabricated and creatively designed products inc:


  • Menu & card holders
  • Counter top displays
  • Sneeze guards
  • Wine racks
  • Counter top Ice display cases for wine & beer
  • Cake stands & display cases


Northern Plastics Supplies & Fabrication can offer an effective alternative to purchasing new products. Our fully skilled fabricators offer a full repair service to a wide-range of plastic, inc, HDPE, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, ABS and PVC products for  the  Mining, Public, Marine and Industrial sectors.

Mobile Welding Service

Mobile welding repairs are available within the greater Townsville region. Please call for details.

We also have a hire option for the trade and public sector.


The Triac ST is an easy to use and reliable and light weight plastic welding tool.


We supply a range of Leister welding products including the reliable Triac S & ST models.  We also supply a range of welding rods which are available from our front of shop.